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We hope you visit us to experience our unique restaurant with its laid back atmosphere, soon. Premium Wagyu Beef SHIBATA, opened in April 2018 in Kyoto Ponto-cho. Our restaurant boasts a beautiful view of the Komogawa and Kyoto Higashiyama mountains. A relaxing sight enhancing your dining experience with us, in all seasons. Most importantly, we offer freshness in our high quality Wagyu Beef. Making every meal you have with us, a treat.

Wagyu beef, famous around the world is a highly sought out meat by chefs worldwide. A flavorful, melt in your mouth, tender meat. Often pricy in the rest of the world but due to the shipping constraints and time, loses a bit of the quality. Here in Kyoto, you can taste what this unique beef is supposed to be, in its highest quality.

Chikako, the owner and founder of Premium Wagyu Beef SHIBATA, is experienced in founding well regarded restaurants as a consultant/designer in Japan and New York.

Our most highly recommended menu item is, our Premium Wagyu Beef Tasting Course. It offers a sampling of unique flavors found in dishes like, Japanese style BBQ, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Spicy kimchi Ramen and Udon Noodles. This menu item also includes a delicious Dessert.
Please come and enjoy our hospitality. You’ll love menu and decor. Stay for a drink.

See you soon!

PS: Every summer in August, you will have a bird’s eye view from our patio, of the most famous of summer festival in Kyoto. The Dainoji-Gozan-Okuribi - the Great Bonfire Event (Mountain Bon fire)

Savor with Five senses

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4 minutes walk from Sanjo Station
Free Wi-Fi available
Credit card payment available/VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Master Card, DISCOVER
Smoking/at the balcony
20 Seats/ 6 bar seats, table for 4 x 2, table for 6 x 1


Premium Wagyu Beef

A5 Wagyu Beef (Brand: 花乃牛- Hana no gyu -, 山形牛- Yamagata gyu -, 万葉牛- Manyou gyu -, さくら牛- Sakura gyu -, 神戸牛- Kobe Beef-)



All the vegetables used in dishes are organic and grown in the farm in Shiga prefecture.